Sourcing Strengths

Vega foods team has senior and experienced people who understand strategic sourcing. Their interventions play an important role in driving down the cost structures. We have over time, developed long-term partnerships with a large diverse group of suppliers from across 30 countries that are capable of providing quality products at great value.


Sustainable food sourcing is a system that is good for the environment and for people. When we sign up a food source we understand the techniques used by them that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. We are conscious that we responsibly access an abundance of the best quality food while ensuring future generations can do the same.


We have some of the best “Cost Management” processes in the industry (screening, track record, capabilities and industry benchmarks) with proven capability to enable pricing of products competitively. With a range of strategic partnerships in over 30 countries, Vega Foods relationships have led to strong workings that have helped improve quality and reduce risk over time